Our Proprietary 4-Score Method uses data to reveal ways to reduce wildfire risk and help renew your insurance.

Black Swan Analytics makes it easy to understand wildfire data and to reduce wildfire risk. These can help you protect your home from wildfire, renew your home’s fire insurance, and lower your fire insurance premiums.

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Traditionally, wildfire risk assessment models have been “black boxes” that hold secret formulas based on wildfire risk data. This has made the challenge of mitigating against wildfire exposure and getting fire insurance harder than it should be.

With more wildfire data model transparency, and more comprehensive wildfire data, home and property owners can more easily identify wildfire mitigation actions to reduce their wildfire exposure. This puts them in a better position to renew their fire insurance policies and avoid being sent to the high-risk FAIR plan where premiums are likely to be higher with less coverage and more exclusions.

Black Swan Analytics is changing the industry. We clarify and educate to bring certainty around your area’s wildfire risk, so you can get the affordable coverage you need and deserve. Black Swan Analytics helps you lower risk to property from wildfire, to help you protect your home from wildfire and renew insurance.

We’re the fire industry’s unexpected event.

In many states, especially California, insurance companies aren’t renewing fire insurance policies because of profit concerns caused by recent wildfires. High-risk policy holders denied the opportunity to mitigate against wildfire risk are being sent to the FAIR Plan, which accepts extreme fire risk levels without providing incentives or information needed to reduce wildfire exposure and improve insurability against wildfires. Carriers are left holding the bag for claims exceeding the FAIR Plan’s ability to pay. Concerned by their inability to accurately measure wildfire exposure, these fire insurance companies are creating more market instability as they leave California and other states.

At Black Swan Analytics, we’re committed to solving the homeowner’s fire insurance crisis in these states by generating complete, reliable data that helps you advocate for the affordable insurance you need and gives fire insurers information they can trust.

Our Black Swan 4-Score method disambiguates all the data and puts your protection first. We’re wildfire risk data analysts working with wildfire mitigation specialists. Black Swan Analytics is here to give you confidence in wildfire preparedness and in the homeowner wildfire insurance marketplace.

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Our Black Swan 4-Score method removes all the mystery from wildfire data, to help you prepare for the unexpected—and make reducing your wildfire risk easy. We bring confidence to property owners in wildfire areas and to the fire insurance marketplace.

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