We’re All in This Together

Jul 1, 2021

As a long-time researcher and advocate for wildfire risk stakeholders, I’ve been in this space for over a decade, dedicating my career to helping others preserve life, property and the planet. Black Swan Analytics grew out of that desire to serve.

Our goal with the Spark Report is to guide everyone from property owners and environmentalists to insurance, fire protection and government entities through the wildfire topics of today and the wildfire lessons of yesterday, so we can unite as a community, find mutually agreeable solutions and grow a greener, more resilient Earth.

By sharing wildfire-related commentary and content and by spotlighting people making a difference in the fight against wildfire, Black Swan aims to combine perspectives and help us focus as a group on what matters most for advancing wildfire risk assessment, mitigation and prevention.

Because it’s only collectively that we can make real progress.

If you know of someone who would enjoy the Spark Report, please pass along this issue. Have a topic you want to discuss? Just shoot us an email at i[email protected]. We’d love to hear from you!


Tammy Nichols Schwartz, CPCU
President & Founder
Black Swan Analytics, LLC

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