Wildfire Data That Leads
to Knowledge and Action

Black Swan Analytics provides wildfire data that’s deep, historical and easy to understand. We empower consumers to mitigate wildfire risk and enable insurance carriers to clearly assess wildfire risk and provide accurate fire insurance coverage.

Property Wildfire DATA.

Black Swan Analytics starts with the most accurate geocode to identify the precise location (not an approximation) of your property.

Next, we ensure our wildfire data is not only accurate, but complete. By using more data factors, all correlated to wildfire risk, we can actually differentiate wildfire risk from one side of your property to the other!

We are the only wildfire risk assessment provider that includes real-time wildfire risk mitigation activities in our data model.


Black Swan Analytics fully informs, while other wildfire risk assessment models merely assess. The difference lies in our Black Swan 4-ScoreTM transparency and easy-to-understand recommendations.

We provide wildfire risk information that paints a full picture of a property’s wildfire risk, based on current and historical data. This enables consumers to understand and address their property’s wildfire risk factors—things that are often hidden by other, “black box” wildfire risk models.

By providing insight into wildfire risk drivers, we empower property owners to reduce wildfire risk through mitigation. Black Swan 4-Score is the only wildfire risk assessment model that prioritizes wildfire mitigation activities and measures their potential impact!

Wildfire Mitigation ACTION.

Take control over your property’s wildfire risk to take control of your property’s fire insurance! Black Swan Analytics is here to help you—and your community!—access more carrier options and more reasonable fire insurance premiums. 

By providing specific wildfire mitigation recommendations, Black Swan Analytics creates a wildfire risk reduction plan at a zone-by-zone level. Because these wildfire mitigation efforts are quantifiable, their impact is clear and measurable.

With proof that you’ve quantifiably lowered your property’s wildfire risk, you have leverage to go to your fire insurance company to renew wildfire insurance, and to request better wildfire coverage options and lower fire insurance premiums.

What’s Your Property’s Wildfire Risk?


Answer 4 quick questions to assess your property’s wildfire exposure.