Helping property owners lower wildfire risk, protect homes from wildfire, and keep fire insurance.

Led by fire insurance expert Tammy Nichols-Schwartz, CPCU, Black Swan Analytics advocates for consumers by providing comprehensive wildfire risk assessments. We arm property owners with information used to calculate your wildfire risk scores, make recommendations to reduce wildfire risk levels, and assess the effect of your wildfire mitigation efforts. You gain knowledge and control, which helps your property escape damage and helps you keep your fire insurance at a reasonable rate.

Our Story

With a rich background in wildfire risk and mitigation, Black Swan Analytics uses robust analytics to protect insurance underwriters and property owners.

BSA has the only wildfire risk assessment model that digests risk reduction efforts and wild land data in real time. We put the law of large numbers to work for you and help integrate output in a way that translates into market efficiency: that is, fair premiums and minimal losses. Underwriters and consumers must understand risk levels and the power of mitigation so both can operate from a place of clarity and fairness.

We are the translator. BSA “clears the smoke.” We reveal every wildfire risk component and make it easy to grasp and address any changes needed.

BSA brings stability to the wildfire insurance market through more accurate pricing and improved automated underwriting systems.

In short, we bring certainty to wildfire risk so everyone benefits.


Tammy Nichols-Schwartz


As a former insurance insider and mathematician, data whisperer Tammy Nichols-Schwartz knows how to read wildfire data. Her experience runs deep and her desire for accuracy runs even deeper.

After leading California FAIR (Fair Access to Insurance Requirements) Plan as VP, Tammy set out to create a wildfire risk assessment model that helps insurance carriers and property owners better understand wildfire risk.

Through BSA, she guides property owners step by step, so they can effectively minimize wildfire exposure and risk of suffering fire damage. BSA’s patented 4score™ solution is a best-in-class property underwriting approach that will save hundreds of homes and millions of dollars in wildfire damage.

“One of the truest tests of integrity is its blunt refusal to be compromised.”

– Chinua Achebe

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Black Swan Analytics and Black Swan 4-Score are here to guide you through wildfire risk assessent and provide a clear plan to mitigate wildfire risk. Let us help secure the fire insurance you need.