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4-Score is the only wildfire risk assessment tool designed for property owners.

Our comprehensive wildfire risk assessment evaluates all four wildfire risk factors, so you can identify risk areas around your property and take corrective action to lower your wildfire risk!

Fuel Sources

What FUEL SOURCES exist in your area and how far could a wildfire spread? Incorporate wind and drought conditions.

Ignition Sources

How likely is a wildfire to occur in your area? Consider potential ignition from both natural and man-made sources, like lightning or power lines.


Are there any community or construction features that affect your property’s SUSCEPTIBILITY to wildfire?


Are there any HAZARDS in the area that make structure protection more dangerous or more difficult?

Firewise your property: Wildfire mitigation efforts can dramatically improve your wildfire risk score and your ability to renew fire insurance.

Black Swan Analytics is a company of wildfire risk data analysts and fire insurance industry experts working with wildfire mitigation specialists. We provide deep wildfire risk data analysis, easy-to-understand results, and clear recommendations so you can mitigate your wildfire risk and approach the homeowner’s property insurance marketplace with certainty and confidence.

We do this by thoroughly evaluating the risk posed in your area by four main factors: Fuel Sources, Ignition Sources, Susceptibilities, and Hazards.

Black Swan Analytics identifies risk areas around your property and evaluates your property data to determine a baseline wildfire risk assessment score. Then, we tell you how to take charge of your wildfire exposure and minimize wildfire risk. For example, Black Swan Analytics recommends how to protect your home through landscape design and vegetation management. This includes creating wildfire defensible space, clearing shrubs and debris, containing nearby ignition sources, or thinning surrounding forest.

We uncover the biggest wildfire risk threats and give you a clear roadmap to follow so you can be fully prepared for whatever man or nature throws at you.

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drawing of a house surrounded by a well-prepared structure ignition zonedrawing of a house surrounded by a unprepared structure ignition zone

What’s Your Wildfire Risk?


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