Protect your home from wildfire & help lower fire insurance rates.

Our wildfire risk assessment & wildfire risk mitigation fights for you!

Black Swan Analytics proprietary 45-point data model and algorithm are the new industry standard for wildfire risk assessment. We help property owners lower fire insurance rates by calculating their real wildfire risk and providing them with effective wildfire risk mitigation steps. For only $89, get the hard data you need to secure the fire insurance you deserve.

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Reduce wildfire risk to

renew your fire insurance!

The Black Swan method swoops in to clear the haze with ground-breaking analytics, so you don’t get burned by outdated fire insurance models. We accurately assess your wildfire risk based on location and provide a customized wildfire mitigation plan to renew fire insurance.

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black swan wildfire map more accurate pinpoint risk

Our model & data accurately pinpoints (by location) the actual wildfire risk.

competitors model inaccurate wildfire risk generalization by city

Their models inaccurately generalize entire cities as high wildfire risk.

Getting ahead of wildfire…

with wildfire risk assessment & property protection.

Meet Tammy Nichols-Schwartz, a 20-year wildfire insurance analytics expert. Tammy founded Black Swan to turn wildfire risk data into wildfire mitigation strategy that helps homeowners protect property and keep their fire insurance.

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Want help to lower your wildfire risk?

Trust Black Swan Analytics.

For a wildfire mitigation strategy that can help you keep or reduce the cost of your fire insurance, choose Black Swan. Just like these happy customers!

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“I love this – Black Swan Analytics provides a thoughtful, pragmatic approach to wildfire exposure—a challenging peril to insure. Fantastic!”


CEO & Founder
at Hazard Hub

“Tammy Nichols-Schwartz will tell you: Fire insurance is not enough. Her passion and intelligence fuel innovation like no other.”



“Black Swan Analytics has a unique ‘big picture’ understanding of the wildfire exposure.”


COO – IAG Insurance Services

Black Swan Analytics provides excellent broad perspective of the larger wildfire risk.


Principle, Regulatory and Product Consultant at FARCS

Black Swan Analytics are wildfire data experts working with wildfire mitigation specialists. We help homeowners in high fire risk areas like California keep their fire insurance and lower their fire insurance rates. 

The information you need to retain fire insurance coverage and protect your property from wildfire.

Black Swan Analytics does all the number crunching and analysis to identify high fire risk areas, explain how they impact your location, and determine how to protect your property from wildfire.

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First, we start with the most accurate geocode to identify the precise location of the structure, rather than an approximation (like most of our competitors).



We inform while other models merely assess risk.  The difference lies in our model’s transparency and 4-score results that are easily understood.



With control over your wildfire risk, you can take control of your
property insurance with more
carrier options and potentially
lower premiums.


You’ve got burning questions about property wildfire risk and mitigation. We want to hear them.

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